Annapurna’s Eight-Game PS4 Box Sets Are So Good


Publisher Annapurna Interactive has released some outstanding games on the PlayStation 4, including Doughnut County, Kentucky Route Zero, Outer Wilds, Sayonara Wild Hearts, Wattam, What Remains of Edith Finch, Telling Lies, and Gorogoa. To celebrate the publisher’s first five years, Annapurna’s teamed with iam8Bit to bundle all eight games into a pair of gorgeous limited edition physical box sets.

First there’s the $US200 ($275) Deluxe PS4 Limited Edition. Exclusive to iam8bit and limited to 2,000 pieces, it’s a lovely folio package that includes art from each game, statements from the games’ creators, and a forward by Annapurna Interactive founder Nathan Gary. It also includes eight game discs, including the first physical versions of Telling Lies and Gorogoa.

Image: iam8bit

While that folio is so pretty, I’m more interested in the slightly less expensive Annapurna Interactive Ultimate PS4 Collection. Available for preorder from retailers around the globe starting today for $US180 ($247), it’s an actual box with actual game cases inside.

Image: iam8bit

The best part of the box set is the custom case inserts included for each of the games, giving them a somewhat uniform appearance. This isn’t just a bunch of random PS4 games, it is a fancy, fancy collection. Pinkies out, people.

Image: iam8bit

The inserts are so good, I want to chew on them or glue them to my wall in alphabetical order. That way people will know I love and support good creator-controlled games, and I can stop shouting it randomly whenever others are within earshot.

Get more info on the Annapurna Interactive PS4 collections over at iam8bit. Or don’t. It’s a dangerous place to shop.


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