As Sonic Turns 30, Sega Plans Multiple New Games


Illustration: Sega

Illustration: Sega

As Mario turns a positive decrepit 35, the young, sprightly (spritely?) Sonic next year celebrates his 30th birthday. And news has slipped out that Sega is planning to celebrate the anniversary with multiple new Sonic games.

It seems an advertisement was sent from Sega to investors (thanks Tails Channel) that as well as rather boldly boasting about the success of the Sonic film, went on to suggest a bumper crop of Sonic goodness for next year.

“A year of celebration,” it says, with “new games, digital content, events, major announcements and a tailored licensing programme.” Who doesn’t love a tailored licensing programme?

‘New Sonic’ doesn’t really have quite the same, “Quick, gather the children and break all the piggybanks!” appeal of ‘New Mario’. But if you could have any new Sonic, what would you want? A full-on Sonic The Hedgehog 5? Sonic Adventure 3? Or perhaps that Shadow The Hedgehog sequel you’ve been desperately waiting for?

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