Gaming Mouse Pads Built For Comfort


Strike hard and fast without wrecking your wrists with this selection of comfortable gaming mouse pads.

I’ve got enough gaming miles on my personal clock to remember when a mouse pad wasn’t an optional accessory. Back in those days, if you’ll pardon the expression, mice had balls.

Actual physical round moving parts that were the core of how they tracked your gaming action on a wide variety of blocky, mostly monochrome screens, because that was cutting edge gaming back in those days.

The advent of optical mice made a big change to the mouse pad industry, because they went from a must-have accessory for everyone to something of an optional extra for most computer users. If all you need to do is (yawn) shift Excel spreadsheets around all day, then you can run your mouse over just about any surface and you’ll be fine.

dog mouse pad

Probably not your dog, actually. I mean, it might work, but he doesn’t deserve that.

In the gaming space, however, a good mouse pad can make a big difference, especially if you’re gaming competitively or for an extended period of time. Here’s some gaming mouse pads to improve your gaming comfort:

Corsair Gaming MM300 High Speed Gaming Mouse Pad $22.49

If you’re working on limited space for your mouse pad, Corsair’s smaller MM300 model could be a good fit. It features stitched edges to limit your mouse flying off on its own accord after one too many serious sideways swipes, a rubberised base to stop it skidding across your desk and smooth surface for those who want a frictionless gaming experience.

Steelseries QCK Edge Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad $13.75

Being comfortable with your gaming mouse pad is often a question of size, because you’re not going to be all that comfy if you have to stretch your arms over a different surface to that of your mouse. That’s where a super-sized gaming mouse pad like the more affordable SteelSeries QCK Edge could work in your favour. If your gaming desk also has to double as a serious work space, it’s also a plainly adorned black pad, so the boss need never know what you get up to after hours.

Corsair RGB Polaris Gaming Mouse Pad $59.9

Comfort in your gaming mouse pad does not have to explicitly rest purely on soft, squishy surfaces. Indeed, depending on your mousing action you might drag more on a softer surface and have to work your wrists and hands harder that way. Corsair’s RGB Polaris offers a harder surface, but one that claims more precision, which could cut down on movements you don’t need – making it more comfortable along the way. There’s no science that suggests that its inclusion of RGB lighting has any beneficial health effects, but like so much RGB lighting, it’s more about the fun of creating your own illumination style while gaming to intimidate your foes.

Cooler Master MP510 $19.9

Nobody buys a gaming mouse pad for the short term – or at least nobody sane – with most of us wanting durability as well as comfort. That’s an area where the Cooler Master MP510 should have a distinct edge, with splash-proof fabric that should protect it from any accidental drink spillages along the way.

Razer Goliathus Speed Extended $28.31

Razer’s gaming accessories are highly regarded and naturally enough more than a little showy if that’s your style, but that’s not all the Razer Goliathus has going for it. As the name and “Extended” suffix suggest, this is a very large mouse pad, measuring in at 45.5×17.5x37cm to be precise, but that means even the most expansive strategy maps or frenetic FPS shootouts are well within its range.

Editor’s note: Descriptions and features are as taken from manufacturer/seller claims and user reviews on Amazon

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