Louis Vuitton launching S$1,300 face shield

French fashion house Louis Vuitton is launching an upmarket face shield to be sold for an unconfirmed price of US$961 (S$1,300).

The exact retail price has not been confirmed by all media reports so far, but the LV shield personal protective equipment is part of its 2021 Cruise Collection.

Why that expensive?

It is difficult to explain decadence or the economics of luxury goods, and their pricing, but here goes.

The face shield has gold studs engraved with the LV logo.

The elastic monogrammed strap goes around the heads of users.

The face shield can be flipped up so it transforms into a visor.

The magic is that the clear covering automatically transitions to a dark tint in sunlight and supposedly keeps out harmful UV rays protection.

But if others can see your face, it means the Covid-19 virus can get into your orifices.


Face shield efficacy

In Singapore, the authorities have ruled that face shields may only be worn by particular groups of people in some situations.

This includes children who are 12 and below, who have a tough time keeping their masks on, or people with health conditions who may have difficulty keeping a mask on for a long time.

For other adults, a face shield can be worn in addition to a face mask for added protection only.


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