Macs From The ’80s Make Great Homemade Arcade Cabinets



Image: YouTube

The classic Mac is an iconic piece of hardware, but the hardware itself isn’t so useful these days. However, it makes for a great chassis for a homemade arcade cabinet.

The Australian behind the YouTube channel 3D Printor has put together a fun little project. “When a broken Macintosh Plus came across my recommended eBay listings I couldn’t resist turning it into an arcade machine,” they told Kotaku Australia over email.

After removing the innards, 3D Print got a Raspberry Pi 3, printed the materials for a custom arcade stick with a Zero Delay PCB and buttons. The whole process is pretty sweet, although it doesn’t include the teardown of the Mac itself.

Enjoy the full video in its beauty below. It’s really nicely shot with some sweet music: no commentary, no fluff and nothing to get in the way of that sweet 3D printing. Including gloves, which you absolutely should use.

The 3D Printor channel has some more sweet content here, although I’ll call out a few specials now. The Studio Ghibli 3D prints are absolutely worth watching, as well as the mod which lets you attach a DSLR lens onto a Game Boy Camera — which you might have seen recently.


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