Mask Specialty Shop Opens In Japan


When people in Japan buy masks, then typically shop at drug stores, purchasing disposable ones. But increasingly, clothing retailers have been offering washable ones and now there’s even a mask specialty store that sells just masks. That’s it!

This week, opened in Tokyo, selling over 200 different types of masks for prices ranging from 500 yen (under $US5 ($7)) to even an eye-watering 100,000 yen (under $US940 ($1,292)). also launched an online store as well.

Specialty shops aren’t that unusual in Japan — there are stores that sell only socks, for example — but a mask-specialty shop seems overdue. This isn’t the first of its kind (for example, one mask brand launched a pop-up shop in February 2019 in Tokyo); however, it does certainly feel a sign of the times in which we live.

Apparently, the bricks-and-mortar shop has been drawing lines, which brings back memories of earlier this year in Japan when mask shortages caused people to line up in front of drugstores.


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