Mother new platform

Mother 1999 is writing the next chapter of their business.

Mother 1999 is transiting into a new platform, meant to help indie brands that have experienced disruption from the coronavirus pandemic.

The platform is open to brands — local and national — that have been affected through the cancellation of wholesale relationships or have experienced other financial hardships. Mother 1999 plans to bring together smaller indie brands locally to showcase them and bring exposure to their product.

This would give participating indie brands a new channel for e-commerce sales, which could be good news if a recent study published on PYMNTS is indicative of a trend. The study reports a dramatic jump in online fashion sales over the past two weeks after COVID-19 caused sales to crater at the end of March.

Like most forms of physical retail, the showcase model has been put on pause as social distancing to prevent the spread of coronavirus has demanded that people stay away from public places.

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