Katyusha Hi-Fi bluetooth speaker analog power amplifier


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Speaker with built-in analog power amplifier. Faithfully reproduce the original sound. A warm and clear tone.

2-speaker specification of full-range woofer unit! Plays beautiful treble and powerful bass.

Supports both Bluetooth / RCA wired connections for a wider range of enjoyment.

Compatible with both Bluetooth / RCA wired connections.

Power amplifiers are classified into classes A and B.

High sound quality, but unsuitable for high volume, and very expensive class A. Class B ideal for loud sounds.

A class AB amplifier is a combination of these good points. You can enjoy stable sound at both high and low volumes, and well-balanced class AB amplifiers are used in various products, including the Katyusha.

* Class C amplifiers are used in radios, and class D amplifiers are used in digital amplifiers.

The speaker is omnidirectional. The sound spreads over a wide area. Not only for home use, but also for stores and small event spaces.

Katyusha is designed to make the sound even more beautiful by raising the bottom of the speaker body with four legs and creating a space at the bottom of the speaker.

▲ This type of leg is often used in large speakers.




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