The Gorillaz Go to the Moon


Gorillaz go to the moon! (Screenshot: YouTube)

The Gorillaz obviously have a penchant for pop culture. The fact that the band’s members primarily like to be seen as animated characters should have tipped that off. In their latest music video, though, things go a step further. Well, maybe more than one step.

“Strange Timez” is the name of the latest track and video from the popular group. It follows the Gorillaz as they depart the Earth and travel through space and time. The video, which features the Cure’s Robert Smith, is trippy, weird, and wonderful, and pays homage to not just the films of Stanley Kubrick and Georges Méliès, but Mr. Mel Brooks. Check out the video below.

Catchy tune, cool video, we’re into it. Another fine addition to the group’s year-long project: Song Machine.


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