The Xbox Series S Will Cost $US299 [Update: It’s Official]

So the first supposed shot of what the Xbox Series S has finally been revealed. It, uh, looks interesting.

A shot of the Xbox Series S has been published and confirmed by Microsoft insider Brad Sams, and it’s … it’s hard to get past that massive vent. The pricing’s intriguing in that it’s supposedly being pitched at $US299, but what’s most eye-striking here is really the design.

You’ll be able to lay it down horizontally, and you can see the left hand side has a single USB port and the wireless connection button. This is the discless version of the next-gen Xboxes, although I’m not sure how Microsoft ended up taking inspiration from a subwoofer.

Update 2: And here’s the official reveal (or at least what it’ll be). Base model will have a 512GB NVMe drive, 4K playback, 1440p/120fps support dependent on the game, and ray-tracing. I wouldn’t expect a lot of the latter, mind you.

We’re still waiting for Microsoft to actually talk about the Xbox Series S — they’ve even mentioned it on official packaging, despite never actually showing off the console in the flesh.

Update: There’s a sneak peek of a video with voice-over talking about the console’s size — and corroborating the design:

Surely, surely, we couldn’t go another month without Microsoft and Xbox actually revealing how much these new next-gen consoles cost. I’m still liking the space-age design of the PS5 so far, and I’m curious to see what they do with their digital-only edition as well.

$US299 is going to be a tough launch price to beat, especially with the value of Xbox Game Pass. That’s a killer argument for anyone who doesn’t care or can’t upgrade to 4K. And given the past few Xbox launches, that’d make $399 or even $349 a likely price for the Xbox Series S in Australia.

As for the Xbox Series X? Still no idea, but I’m betting on $699 being the target. It seems about right with what Australians are likely to pay, and it makes even more sense now looking at the Xbox Series S pricing. Of course, Microsoft could do everyone a solid and actually announce the damn pricing. You too, Sony.

Update 5.15pm: It’s official now:

No Australian RRP yet. We’ll keep you posted.

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