Watchdog accuses Amazon of price gouging during the pandemic


While Amazon has spoken out repeatedly against price gouging, much of its focus has been on third-party sellers. Amazon says it has removed more than one million listings and suspended more than 10,000 accounts for suspected price gouging. But the report released this week provides several examples of products labeled “sold by Amazon” that saw drastic price increases.

In a statement provided to Engadget, an Amazon spokesperson said:

As we have said, there is no place for price gouging on Amazon and that includes products offered directly by Amazon. Our systems are designed to meet or beat the best available price amongst our competitors and if we see an error, we work quickly to fix it. Our teams continue to monitor our store 24/7 and have already removed over a million offers. Our customers expect to find low prices in our store, and we work hard to provide the best available price across the hundreds of millions of products in our store for all customers, every day.

In March, Amazon and the Department of Justice asked consumers to report instances of price gouging, but by May some sellers found a way to use the “collectible” label to dodge price gouging rules. Last month, Germany opened an investigation into whether Amazon influenced prices during the pandemic.

As Public Citizen points out, there are no federal price gouging laws in the US, but the DoJ previously said any companies that fix prices or rig bids for PPE such as gloves or masks could be prosecuted under antitrust laws. As you may know, Amazon is already facing pressure over potential antitrust abuses.


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