Xbox Series X Australian Pricing and Release Date Confirmed

xbox series x price australia

Xbox Australia has just confirmed the Xbox Series X pricing and Xbox Series S price, too. And we know when it’s coming out. Here are all the details.

This story was originally published on September 9 at 11:37pm.

Xbox Series S Price

Here in Australia the Xbox Series X price will be $749.

Xbox Series S Price

In Australia it is bang on what we theorised it would be based on the US pricing announced on Tuesday – $499.

Release date

We’ll be getting both consoles on November 10. That means us Aussies are getting the new consoles a whole day earlier than the US.

All is revealed

Xbox Australia took to Twitter on late Wednesday evening to confirm the Australian and New Zealand pricing for the new consoles.

“This is the tweet… Xbox Series X: AU$749/NZ$799 (RRP) Xbox Series S: AU$499/NZ$549 (RRP) Release date: November 10 Pre-order starts September 22,” Xbox Australia said.

This news comes on the same day that Xbox revealed the launch date for the Xbox Series S in the US, November 11.

It seems that Xbox’s hand may have been forced after BWW Media Group’s Brad Sams showed off what seemed to be leaked promotional images of the Xbox Series S on Twitter. This included the $US299 price point.

Xbox confirmed the the pricing later that day.

Game Pass news

And that’s not all. Xbox has also announced that Games Pass will now include EA Play. Yes, that does mean that all of EA’s streamable games will be available on through the subscription — even on PC.

IMPORTANT NEWS YOU SHOULD STOP SCROLLING AND READ IT THANKS. Starting later this year, @EA Play will be included with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate & @XboxGamePassPC,” Xbox said on Twitter.

Xbox All Access

All Access also comes with a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

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